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Here you can find information and updates on the beekeeping exploits of the Spaldwick Honey Co apiary.

installing a nuc of bees- smoking gently

The very beginning.

Installing my first nucleus of bees

Having never handled bees ever before, I felt confident that I had prepared myself enough mentally from my thorough and extensive research.
I was very, very wrong...

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a thriving mass of bees- can you spot the queen?

The beginning. Part 2

After installing my first nucleus of bees the journey continues

Just a week after installation I was ready to perform my first inspection.
The first priority was to ensure the safety of the Queen. Unsure whether or not she had been crushed during the install...

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installing a nuc of bees- smoking gently

2017 How NOT to handle a swarm!

There's two parts to this article; A 'how NOT to' and a 'How to guide!'

I've read a lot about how to capture a swarm. However, when I was confronted with the sight of my own bees up and leaving and caught off guard I did the exact opposite!
Here's how I handled the situation and what i SHOULD have done instead...

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A photo of me, in front of my hive, looking slightly dishevelled having just stolen a load of honey

Extracting and bottling Honey

One of the highlights of beekeeping

Here I will share the secrets of honey extraction. This is a great article for kids because even as an adult I never knew any of this!
It brings a smile to my face every time I see this. The colour, the smell and the sticky texture.

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