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100% Pure, Raw Honey.

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Spaldwick Honey Co

The finest local honey from beautiful Spaldwick village in Cambridgeshire.

Established in 2016, with just one hive, Spaldwick Honey Co got off to a flying start producing over 22lbs of pure, raw honey.

The bees forage among the fields, gardens and hedgerows of idyllic Spaldwick village in Cambridgeshire.
Our artisan honey is in super high demand due to it's delicate flavour and beautiful light colour. Hints of Apple and Elderflower come through in abundance over the smooth, sweet taste.

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The birth of beautiful Pure local Honey

The Spaldwick Honey Co story

Beekeeping has long been a source of great intrigue for me, as it has for many others. I had often wondered about beekeeping as a job whilst persuing agricultural employment in Australia, but never found anywhere to do it. At the end of 2015 I decided that I would take the plunge.
This is my story...

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The very beginning.

Installing my first nucleus of bees

Having never handled bees ever before, I felt confident that I had prepared myself enough mentally from my thorough and extensive research.
I was very, very wrong...

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Jars of spaldwick honey co honey

Honey (Spring 2017)

The process of honey removal and extraction.

A 'how to' guide. One of the reasons I got involved with beekeeping was to show my young daughter where honey came from. Now I share my story so you can show your children too.
This is the highlight of the beekeeping year for me, I never used to like honey until I made my own.
Now I'm absolutely hooked!

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